Sunday, June 22, 2008


Summer Schedule


4 July Homs Syria (private concert)

17 July Jannit el Wadi Mo7afazat Homs

31 July Bloudan Syria

from Elham El Kebir


18 July Interview on Tunisian Radio

Mosaique FM

by Nibal Ayadi

19 July Tunis Carthage

sent by Nour Nouh

20 July Sousse

21 July Hamamet

22 July Gafsa

23 July Binzert

from Elham El Kebir


24 to 26 July

from Elham El Kebir

Amman - Jordan

26 July

Jabal El Qal3a

from Nour Nouh

* ( thanks Nour Nouh & Taghrid Odeh ) *

Thanks to Nibal Ayadi & Soulaf Habib & Reem Ammar

Thanks to Candelario Gomez & Ismail Chafki & Iyad


Marwan's Ya Rab is awarded
Best Lebanese Song for the year 2007
by Murex D'Or Festival Panel

Marwan Khoury & Carole Samaha Ya Rab Duet
scores as Best Lebanese Song for the Year 2007
Murex D'or Prizes

Carole Samaha
Best Lebanese Singer for 2007

Marwan on Radio Madina FM - Syria
with Mr. Bassel Mehrez
Wednesday 25 June 2008
8 pm
by Soulaf Habib
Bassel Mehrez Fan Club

Marwan in Carthage - Tunis
19 July 2008
reported by

copied by Nour Nouh